How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - Getting Ex Back Without Ruining Your Chances

Published: 20th June 2008
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Do you feel troubled by this question, "How to get my ex girlfriend back? She has not answered any of my call? She did not even bother to reply my text messages. Have I done something wrong?" Well, what is described above is not an uncommon scenario. So, if you also have this problem, you are definitely not alone.

In this article, let us answer a question together. After reading through the answer, you will have some ideas on what you must avoid doing without spoiling your chances of getting back your ex.


I have just broken up with my girlfriend of 3 years. I still love her very much and really want to get back with her. How to get my ex girlfriend back? I tried calling her but she never respond. So I sent her text messages instead. Still, I did not get her reply. Have I done something wrong? Do I still stand a chance? Please help!


Thanks for your question. Don't worry too much about doing something wrong if you have already done it. However, it is indeed important to know what you must never do.

You mention that you tried to call her but she never respond. What you should avoid doing is to call her too often. The reason why you do not want to call her too often is because you may be perceived as needy and desperate.

Furthermore, since she did not answer your call, she may want to avoid you or simply need some space. Therefore, it will be better that you give her the space. It can be quite dangerous to keep on calling her. If she becomes frustrated, she may take the drastic measure of cutting off all contacts from you. You do not want that to happen.

Another thing that you should avoid is to reason with her about the break up. I believe on of the reasons you keep on calling her is that you want to reason with her. Believe me. This will definitely not work and can even make the situation worse. It will be much better to accept her reason for initiating the break up graciously.

By not doing those two things above, you will not risk spoiling your chances of getting back your ex. If fact, you will want to focus on yourself during this period. Improve your emotional state, improve your physical appearance as well as other areas of your life. When she sees those positive changes in you, she may begin to regret her decision to break up with you and may even want to get back to you.

How to get my ex girlfriend back? Most relationships can be saved, no matter how hopeless the situation seems.

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You will also learn what to do if you have already done the things that should not be done.

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