Tips To Win an Ex Back - What to Do If You See Your Ex at a Party

Published: 03rd September 2008
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You have already broken up with your ex but you still want to win your ex back, what should you do, assuming that you have just broken up with your ex a few days ago.

Well, perhaps the most important step that you want to take is to try not to contact your ex for the moment if possible, assuming that both of you are not colleagues of classmates. Perhaps, one month is a good time period for you to cool down.

The reason is very simple. You are probably in an emotional turmoil. What you need now is to heal your broken heart. Any meeting with your ex can trigger unhappy memories over your break up. You want to get yourself back into a positive state of mind so that you have a clearer mind and be able to make a better decision about what you really want.

But sometimes, it is just impossible to avoid your ex totally. Maybe both of you are colleagues or classmates. Or maybe he/he happens to be your neighbor. Or maybe you happen to see your ex at the party, what should you do then?

Well, the appropriate thing to do is to remain friendly. You don't want to pretend not seeing him/her definitely, especially if you still want to win him/her back.

You don't want to appear hostile. What you can do when you see him/her is to just smile and say hi. However, avoid engaging in deeper conversation. You may not be ready for that yet.

By staying friendly but not overly friendly, you will at least keep the door open. You don't want to close the door for future reunion by being hostile. This may make it harder for you to win your ex back in the future.

However, if possible, it is still best to avoid contacting your ex for a period of time until you are ready to do so.

Can I win an ex back?

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